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Q. What kind of tax documents will you send me after I fill out the W9 form?
Ans. Next year you most likely will get a 1099 form stating the total amount of money paid to you during the previous year. The 1099 usually comes in to you by mail around the time of the end of January and sometimes people send them later but that should not happen by the rules. You can not download a 1099 because it is a multi part form so you need to get one or several from the IRS or some office supply companies.

The 1099-MISC is a multi-part form. Send the sections to.

  1. Copy 2 and Copy B must be provided to the independent contractor by the end of January.
  2. Copy A has to be filed with the IRS no later than February 28.
    If you file electronically it must be by March 31.
  3. Copy 1 is for your state tax if it has a state income tax.
    Most states require filing it by February 28. Some other states have a different schedule so check on your own state for specific date.
  4. Copy C Is what you would save for your files.

You can file a 8809 form for an extension to file but this is not a simple request to get a positive answer to.

Q. Where can I get a W9 Form?
Ans. Right here on our website you can download a W-9 Form.

Q. I am a Sole Proprietor do I use my EIN number or my Social Security Number?
Ans. You can use either the EIN number or the Social Security number but the IRS prefers the Social Security Number.

Q. I worked for a company 4 years ago and now they want to get me to file a W9 with them. I earned $1,000.00 from the doing on line work. What should I do now?
I already filed the taxes long ago and forgot about the income at the time.

Ans. You should file the W9 form with the payer to avoid a backup withholding to be put on you by the IRS. You would also need to file both State and Federal amended returns stating the additional income.

Q. Do I need to file a new W-9 form with the payer every year?
The W-9 Form only needs to be updated for any changes to both your specific information or your payers information, such as address, company name change. etc.